# Settings

# Make profile public

Enable public profile. If you enable this than any documents that you Add to profile will display here.

You can turn this on or off whenever you'd like 😊.

# Time zone

Setting the correct time zone will display any dates (and days) relative to the time that you'd expect.

# Document drawer

Show or hide your list of documents on the left side of the workspace. All of the normal keyboard commands work the same in both contexts.

# Editor Menu bar

Display the menu bar at the top of the editor. Most of the commands are available with keyboard shortcuts but this also helps for the tricky situations.

# Code theme

Enable or disable code syntax highlighting.

Select a default syntax highlighting theme for your code snippets.

Code themes available include Github, GitHub Gist, Nord, A11Y Dark, A11Y Light, and Tomorrow Night.

# Focus mode

The editor will focus on the portion of the document that you're working on and dim out the surrounding elements.

# Autosave

When you stop typing, the editor does it's best to save the document while not interrupting your flow.

# Notifications

# Weekly to-do update emails

Receive weekly emails that keep you up to date on your to-do progress. The email contains a list of your tasks broken out by:

  • Last week
    • Finished and created
  • This week
  • After this week
  • Past due (oh no!)

# Subscription

# Update payment method

You can update your payment method at any time without interrupting your subscription.

# Cancel subscription

You can cancel your subscription but not delete your account. A subscription refers to the ability to use the editor, view documents, and publish content.

If you cancel, you can still use it for the duration of the current billing cycle.

# Account

# Change password

Use this to change your password.

# Manage email

You can have multiple email addresses associated with your account. This may be helpful if you are in the process of transitioning to a new email yourself.

# Delete account


If you do this, all of your content will be immediately removed.

Once you delete your account, it's gone. This action will cancel your subscription and delete your account immediately.

Last Updated: 7/4/2020, 2:12:18 AM