learn lowercase

Welcome to the lowercase documentation site! The below topics are meant to get you up-and-running fast with lowercase.

# Creating and editing documents

The best way to get started with lowercase quickly is to start creating and editing documents.

# Creating to-dos within your documents

To-dos are a great way to keep track of thoughts, ideas, and deadlines across one or more documents. Also, you can share your to-do progress by publishing a document that contains to-do items.

# Adding topic tags to content

Topics are an easy way to tag and find content later by filtering and searching.

# Configuring your lowercase user settings

We set you up with a few default settings but not everyone likes the same setup.

# Locking vs. Publishing a document

A locked document is one that can't be edited. A published document is one that has a public URL and can be shared.

Sometimes you may want to lock a document that you've published so that you don't accidentally edit it once it's shared.

# Create a public profile page

Is it possible to create a public profile with lowercase?? Yes!

# Create a public slide presentation from a document

Slide presentations are a great way to show off your content.

# Embed your published pages into another site

What if you want to embed your slides or document into another site? No problem, you can embed any published content into another site.

# Add syntax highlighting to your code snippets