# Creating & Editing To-dos

To-dos are created by adding a to-do item from the menu bar and adding content and a due date.

Adding to-do from menu bar

A to-do item without a due date or content will not show in the to-do list in the document drawer menu. Also, if a to-do item is completed (i.e. checked) then it will not show in the list either.

Adding to-do items


To-do items are linked to the document that they are created in. If that document is deleted, then any to-do items in that document, completed or not, will also be cleared.

# Weekly update emails

Receive weekly emails that keep you up to date on your progress. The email contains a list of your tasks broken out by:

  • Last week
    • Finished and created
  • This week
  • After this week

Receive the emails by enabling Weekly to-do update emails in your user settings.